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[QX-S3109TP] save

The current configuration will be written to the device. Are you sure? [Y/N]:y
Please input the file name(*.cfg)[flash:/startup.cfg]
(To leave the existing filename unchanged, press the enter key):
flash:/startup.cfg exists, overwrite? [Y/N]:y
Validating file. Please wait............................
The current configuration is saved to the active main board successfully.
Configuration is saved to device successfully.



<QX-S3109TP> sys
[QX-S3109TP] interface Vlan-interface 1
[QX-S3109TP-Vlan-interface1] ip address
[QX-S3109TP-Vlan-interface1] quit



  • QX-S3109TP> sys
    [QX-S3109TP] public-key local create rsa
  • 桼κ
    [QX-S3109TP] local-user admin
    [QX-S3109TP-luser-admin] password simple [PASSWORD]
    [QX-S3109TP-luser-admin] authorization-attribute level 3
    [QX-S3109TP-luser-admin] service-type ssh telnet terminal 
    [QX-S3109TP-luser-admin] quit
  • SSHӥεư
    [QX-S3109TP] ssh server enable 
    [QX-S3109TP] ssh user admin service-type stelnet authentication-type password
    [QX-S3109TP] user-interface vty 0 15
    [QX-S3109TP-ui-vty0-15] authentication-mode scheme 
    [QX-S3109TP-ui-vty0-15] user privilege level 3
    [QX-S3109TP-ui-vty0-15] idle-timeout 0 0
  • SSHӥưǧ
    [QX-S3109TP-ui-vty0-15]display ssh server status 
     SSH server: Enable
     SSH version : 1.99
     SSH authentication-timeout : 60 second(s)
     SSH server key generating interval : 0 hour(s)
     SSH authentication retries : 3 time(s)
     SFTP server: Disable
     SFTP server Idle-Timeout: 10 minute(s)


  • SNMPͭ
    [QX-S3109TP] snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
    [QX-S3109TP] snmp-agent community read [COMMNITY]
  • SNMPɽ
    [QX-S3109TP] display snmp-agent sys-info
      The contact person for this managed node:
              NEC Corporation.
      The physical location of this node:
      SNMP version running in the system:
              SNMPv2c SNMPv3
  • SNMP Trapͭ
    [QX-S3109TP] snmp-agent trap enable
    [QX-S3109TP] enable snmp trap updown
    [QX-S3109TP] snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain [SERVER IP] params securityname localnet v2c
  • SNMP Trapɽ
    [QX-S3109TP] display snmp-agent trap-list
      arp trap enable
      configuration trap enable
      default-route trap enable
      flash trap enable
      standard trap enable
      system trap enable
      Enable traps: 6; Disable traps: 0


  • LLDPͭ
    <QX-S3109TP> sys
    [QX-S3109TP] lldp enable 
  • ܵɽ
    [QX-S3109TP] display lldp neighbor-information 
    LLDP neighbor-information of port 9[GigabitEthernet1/0/9]:
      Neighbor index   : 1
      Update time      : 0 days,0 hours,1 minutes,5 seconds
      Chassis type     : MAC address
      Chassis ID       : 7486-0bc9-6a00
      Port ID type     : Interface name
      Port ID          : Gi0/1
      Port description : GigabitEthernet0/1
      System name        : Catalyst2960L-8TS-LL.asabiya.net
      System description : Cisco IOS Software, C2960L Software (C2960L-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(5)E2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)
      System capabilities supported : Bridge,Router
      System capabilities enabled   : Bridge
      Management address type           : ipv4
      Management address                :
      Management address interface type : SystemPortNumber
      Management address interface ID   : 1
      Management address OID            : 0
      Port VLAN ID(PVID): 1
      Auto-negotiation supported : Yes
      Auto-negotiation enabled   : Yes
      OperMau                    : speed(1000)/duplex(Full)


  • Syslogž
    [QX-S3109TP] info-center loghost [SYSLOG Server]

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